LumaSense Technologies, Inc. is one of the world’s most trusted providers of innovative temperature and gas sensing devices. LumaSense’s resource-intensive customers in the Global Energy, Petrochemical, Industrial Materials and Advanced Technologies markets harness Industrial Big Data using the company’s proven systems, software and platforms to detect, reduce and prevent waste and inefficiency. LumaSense LS6™ sensor systems and LumaSpec™ software solutions awaken an industrial 6th sense that empowers customers to achieve progressive and lasting performance gains.

LumaSense enables customers worldwide to achieve predictable, verifiable and sustainable improvements in process efficiency and waste reduction. These customers have processes that include generating and transmitting electricity; oil and gas refining; processing industrial materials such as steel and glass. Additionally our solutions are applicable for customers manufacturing advanced technologies such as semiconductor, wafers, and LEDs.

LumaSense gives our customers a competitive edge by awakening their 6th sense. The LS6TM Systems enable each customer to accurately predict and realize progressive, sustainable performance improvements in the efficiency of existing generation, processing, and fabrication processes.

With offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas, LumaSense serves many of the world’s largest industrial companies.

Stefan Schiepe
+49 69 973 730

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