Diaphragm pumps offer accurate, virtually leak-free performance that makes them ideal for use with hazardous or aggressive fluids. They have also been shown to have lower operational costs compared with equivalent plunger pump installations, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership in many applications. From its Bran+Luebbe brand, SPX has developed its well proven diaphragm pump head technology into pumping solutions that offer real advantages in oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical applications.

Bran+Luebbe, an SPX brand, is a leading name in the design and engineering of diaphragm pump technology for more than 80 years, including complete pump packages and systems. Its double diaphragm pumps provide safe, virtually leak-free solutions with reliable and accurate operation and, once they are set to a given flow rate and pressure, operation is simple with no further adjustments required. Two of its pumps, the NOVADOS double-acting metering pump and NOVAPLEX Vector process pump, are specifically designed to reduce footprint and weight for use where space is a premium, assure reliability, and reduce total cost of ownership.

NOVADOS Double Acting Diaphragm Metering Pump
The NOVADOS DADD (Double Acting Double Diaphragm) metering pump offers high efficiency and performance in a more compact form by using just one gear instead of two. The pump delivers the same capacity of an equivalent duplex pump but its reduced footprint area and lower weight make it ideal for offshore applications or installations where space is a premium.

The double-acting head design also reduces capital costs and over time its maintenance requirements are in line with a single gear, thereby reducing costs and service time.

Nearly all gear sizes in the NOVADOS series can be combined for process and metering pumps to achieve the required flow rate and pressure parameters. The range now also includes the NOVADOS H8 pump which has an improved lubrication system that negates the need for external oil piping or an additional oil pump, extending operational life and reducing maintenance overhead. A one-piece gear housing further improves the H8’s stability compared with the previous NOVADOS B pump.

NOVAPLEX Vector process pump
This triple diaphragm process pump reduces the required footprint for installation by cleverly arranging the pump heads in three dimensions. Its new, patented design simplifies assembly and reduces the number of crankshaft bearings from six to two, increasing reliability and making maintenance exceptionally easy. The model uses the robust Bran+Luebbe diaphragm pump head design which can be used in potentially hazardous atmospheres and is certified for use in hazardous areas up to Zone 1 IIC T4. Maintenance is further simplified as the unit only requires disassembly of the drive to gain access to the gears.

Continuous pump monitoring to protect production capacity
The NOVADOS and NOVAPLEX pumps can be equipped with the NOVALINK-CSM 2 continuous pump monitoring system. This software can be used as a stand-alone solution or incorporated into an asset management system to enable advance detection of possible pump failure. Its use can help to optimise maintenance schedules, maximise uptime and protect production capacity.

Reciprocating diaphragm technology provides a compact pumping solution that is not prone to leakage, making it ideal for use with hazardous or aggressive chemicals. All Bran+Luebbe diaphragm pump heads, including double acting models, meet and exceed API675 requirements, have safe dry-run capabilities, high volumetric efficiency, and excellent metering accuracy. Using double acting heads and smart pump configurations, the Bran+Luebbe NOVADOS and NOVAPLEX ranges further offer exceptionally compact and economical solutions in applications where space is a premium.

SPX is continuously developing new solutions to meet the latest market challenges, all of which are supported by a global service network. Its Bran+Luebbe brand brings with it expert pumping knowledge, proven performance and over 80 years of brilliant pump engineering across industries including oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, power generation and water treatment.

About SPX:

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) is a global, multi-industry manufacturing leader with approximately $5 billion in annual revenue, operations in more than 35 countries and over 14,000 employees. The company’s highly-specialized, engineered products and technologies are concentrated in Flow Technology and energy infrastructure. Many of SPX’s innovative solutions are playing a role in helping to meet rising global demand for electricity and processed foods and beverages, particularly in emerging markets. The company’s products include food processing systems for the food and beverage industry, critical Flow components for oil and gas processing, power transformers for utility companies, and cooling systems for power plants.

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