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As a PR service – we are focusing on reputation -management through generating positive media coverage, maintaining positive relationships with anyone who has an interest in the organisation or brand.

The benefits of a PR program can be viewed as along term investment and the increased acceptance of PR by executive teams, that a company would recognise for future achievements.


The services of Marver Publicity Ltd can be procured as single services or integrated packages of one or more services, across both the Marketing and Design disciplines. Sometimes our clients do not know exactly what services they actually need, or more importantly, what they can afford. Our first step is to establish what is required and we do this by undertaking a free consultancy, ‘health check’.

Combining marketing with design in the most effective and affordable way. Our service further extends itself to new product launches, advertising campaigns, corporate design and image making. Many new businesses cannot afford the integrated technical expertise necessary for today’s competitive environment. Marver Publicity Ltd will give you that, at a price and flexibility you can afford.

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Our Mission

We can give you all the support that you need to reach your important customers fast and directly focusing on your Public Relations, advertising, direct e-mailing, digital communication, in order to increase your business. To make things simple we package the service you require , to match your resources, combining marketing with PR in the most effective and affordable way.

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