New mixing concept saves costs, eliminates contamination, and lifts, tilts, empties, mixes, and fills containers from one location.

Dinnissen’s new compact and advanced All-in-One Mixing concept lifts, tilts, empties, mixes, and fills containers from one location. In order to design a new mixing concept that is as lean as possible, Dinnissen focused on reducing and simplifying the number of steps as much as possible and optimizing the end product. The All-in-One Mixing concept is especially suited for situations in which it is important to prevent contamination and to quickly and easily switch between recipes.

Complete mixing concept includes functionality for emptying and filling containers
The All-in-One Mixing concept is a completely integrated solution for mixing powders, particles, and granulates, including the ability to empty and fill drums and other containers. The concept eliminates the need for transport systems and intermediate storage and focuses on simplicity, labour savings, and the elimination of contamination. In this new concept, the process operator places a drum or other container with all the necessary ingredients in a special lift. The lift raises the drum and is then hermetically linked to the overall system within a particle-free environment. The drum then tilts automatically and is connected to the mixer, after which a special clean-air system completely empties it into the double-shaft Dinnissen Pegasus® Mixer, without leaving any residues behind. There, the ingredients are gently suspended and mixed extremely quickly and thoroughly. The unique fluidized zone that is created during the suspension process makes the multifunctional processing unit suitable for mixing a wide variety of ingredients very homogeneously, carefully, quickly, and energy-efficiently. After the mixing process, the container that was originally fed into the system and has been emptied, without leaving any residue behind, is automatically filled with the end product. To make this possible, Dinnissen designed a lift that can tilt as well as lift objects and that can automatically change its location in a linear fashion. As the Pegasus mixer itself can also be lifted, it becomes possible to fill the container that was originally fed into the system and has in the meantime been emptied with the end product at the end of the production process. This new concept makes it possible to simplify and reduce the number of activities to which the input ingredients are subjected and eliminates the need for interim storage between processing steps. This innovative and sophisticated solution minimizes the cost of cleaning, handling and storage and eliminates the risk of contamination.

Optimum end product quality
The All-in-One Mixing solution can also be fitted with a mechanism that lowers the Pegasus® Mixer while the input drum is lifted upwards. This makes it possible to resolve any potential height issues. The new mixing concept can also be combined with atmospheric mixing in order to eliminate the risk of dust explosions. Finally, the new concept is also compatible with the Slide Pegasus®Mixer, which makes it possible to easily and quickly slide the mixer sidewise over guide rails so that the input and output components of the mixer can easily be accessed for optimum hygienic cleaning. Dinnissen’s All-in-One Mixing concept has a very compact design, which means that it takes up very little space and can be integrated much more easily into new as well as existing production processes. The input of ingredients into the system in drums also minimizes any potential breakage or damage to powders, particles and granulates, thereby further optimizing the quality of the end product.

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