Dinnissen Process Technology is the specialist in the world of bulk materials and process technology. An international company with more than 70 years of experience in machine development, in-house manufacturing, custom-made products, processing, control, automation, engineering and excellent service.

We are experts in machines and systems for powders and granules; intake of raw materials, conveying, handling, storage, feeding, weighing, mixing, milling, grinding, drying, sifting and packaging. Always looking for new and innovative solutions for complete processes, system integrations or standard products, many of which we develop, test and produce in-house.

All our systems complying with all possible requirements regarding quality, hygiene, efficiency, ergonomics and safety. With our D-Innocenter® we have a testing facility that offers ample possibilities for developing new products or testing our clients products with our equipment. We are always looking for innovations and market developments, aiming at developing new products for our customers in the aquafeed, feed, petfood, food chemical, and pharmaceutical industry.

Our one-stop-shopping concept allows us to operate independently of suppliers. An extensive international network ensures that Dinnissen can deliver world-wide.

+31 77 467 3555

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