HERENTALS – Fike Corporation announces the latest addition to its explosion protection lineup – the WarnEx™ Smoldering Detection System.

Smoldering is one of the most common ignition sources of fires and dust explosions in industrial processes.

Unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult to prevent by controlling process conditions or by making modifications to the equipment.

Here brings the WarnEx™ the solution: it detects smoldering material in an early stage and switches alarms. By using the alarms to trigger safety systems, such as operator intervention, feed stop, process shutdown or fire suppression, fire and explosion damage can be avoided.

The WarnEx™ system uses multiple Sampling and Detection Units (SDU’s) that measure the concentration of carbon monoxide in the process air at strategic locations. Carbon monoxide, CO, is a typical discernible reaction product of early smoldering.

The WarnEx™ Control Unit processes the measurement results from the SDUs and alarms operators and safety systems as soon as smoldering is identified.

Fike announces solution to reduce smoldering explosions
Jim Vingerhoets, Explosion Protection Scientist: “We are proud to launch a sophisticated but reliable solution for an obstinate industrial problem. The focus of the design is the real customers need: make sure the system detects smoldering when it’s there but avoid any complications with its use and maintenance.”

The primary applications for the WarnEx™ system are smoldering detection in dryers and mills. Target industries include food, power, chemical and pharmaceutical.

The key features of the WarnEx™ are “proven in use” CO sensor technology, easy installation and maintenance providing low cost of ownership, fast response times due to multiple sensors and short sampling lines, and integration with automatic fire suppression systems.

More information about this product and other Fike’s Explosion Protection products and services is available at or by calling 0032 14 21 00 31.

About Fike
Fike Corporation is a globally recognized supplier of precision-engineered solutions for overpressure protection and pressure activation, explosion protection and fire protection. Since 1945 our highly skilled workforce has designed, built and tested solutions for Fortune 500 companies and businesses around the world that want peace of mind from experiencing consequences of serious financial loss or a devastating disaster.

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