While sensors are inexpensive and simple to install, one of the challenges of Industry 4.0 lies in turning gathered data into useful information. Real value appears when condition monitoring becomes predictive maintenance. Analyzed properly, data can help determine a breakdown risk – so that corrective maintenance can be planned in advance.

This is what empowers Bosch Rexroth’s predictive maintenance solution for Hägglunds direct drive systems, Hägglunds CMp. Trusted by customers worldwide, Hägglunds CMp uses an analysis tool called ODiN to create an accurate health index for the drive system. When a divergence from the index is spotted, Bosch Rexroth experts interpret the cause and recommend actions to keep the system running.

“It’s the combination of health index and expert analysis that makes our solution work for the customer,” says Mattias Ljungdahl, Application Manager, Hägglunds Inside Intelligence. “With the health index, our analysts can not only see the trends, but also understand and predict the drive behavior for the customer.”
Wolfram Ulrich, Vice President Sales & Service, Hägglunds Products, points out that customers buy not just knowledge, but also the ability to act. “There are phone apps that can inform you of a fire alarm in your house, but what you really want is to check if there is a fire, and in that case to put the fire out,” he explains. “The connectivity Bosch Rexroth offers is paired with fast, professional reaction by technicians with deep knowledge.”

In fact, Bosch Rexroth experts can see not only potential failures, but also potential improvements. Using the health index, they can help productivity-focused customers achieve more with their existing equipment.
“Predictive maintenance is not about sensors or even algorithms,” says Mattias Ljungdahl.  “It’s about boosting the customer’s reliability and profitability through insights and expertise.”


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