HAAG + ZEISSLER Maschinenelemente GmbH, headquartered in Hanau, Germany, has specialised for 35 years in the manufacture of rotary joints and swivel joints for the conveyance of fluids, air and vacuum. These fittings are used whenever media have to be fed into rotating drums or through swivelling pipelines.

Rotary joints from HAAG + ZEISSLER are found, for example, in drum filter units, screw dryers and centrifuges as well as in cleaning and conveying systems. They help to cool the rotating rollers or to heat the mixture in grinders, kneading machines and mixers as well as in compacting and pelletizing machines.

Swivel joints are used in scraper bridges, aeration systems, loading systems, floating extraction installations and in many other areas. Their ability to turn through 360°, their particularly easy handling and absolute operational reliability, along with their long service life, allow them to be used where hoses no longer meet the operating requirements.

HAAG + ZEISSLER develops custom designs especially to suit customer requirements. Standard versions are kept in stock for customers. 3-D models can be downloaded or ordered.

Am Steinheimer Tor 18
63450 Hanau / Germany

Phone:+49 6181 92387 0
Fax:+49 6181 92387 20

Martina Smith
+49 6181 92387 0

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