With HO-Matic AG you have come to the right place, if you are looking for valves for controlling many different kinds of media.

Since our company was founded in 1977 we have specialized in controlling gaseous and liquid media as well as abrasive materials.

HOmatic pinch valves for a wide range of applications in industrial automation:

HOmatic pinch valves are pressure-controlled shut-off devices for applications in industrial automation. By means of changes to the control pressure, e.g. using a proportional pressure controller, they can also be used as measuring or regulating valves.

HOmatic pinch valves are built according to the state of the art. Their sturdy and simple design, with few components, guarantees high operational reliability and a long service life. They are designed as pipe pinch valves. They consist of ahousing with an integrated control space and a coaxially installed cylindrical sleeve.

Because this type of pinch valve does not require bulky control or drive constructions, their compact design means that they can be used in many cases even in the most inaccessible spaces.

Marc-Etienne Merz
+41 (0)43 322 70 80

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