Getting sprayed by an oncoming truck. Overtaking after heavy rain. The windscreen gets covered with water and it takes a moment for the wiper system or driver to react. Technology company Semcon has developed ProActive Wipers (PAW), software that knows when a sudden splash will hit – and activates the windscreen wipers in advance to secure a clear view.

More than half of US drivers surveyed (Semcon/Inizio) stated that they feel anxious before overtaking a truck on a wet road. 50% of those indicated loss of sight as one of the reasons why.

ProActive Wipers (PAW) is new software that identifies where other vehicles are and combines this with knowledge about wet roads. The system knows when nearby large vehicles present a risk of sudden water splashes, and activates the wipers. At the same time as the water hits the windscreen, it’s wiped away, giving the driver a clear view.

“ProActive Wipers is a good example of how we can use technology that already exists in cars in new and creative ways. This solution uses the car’s camera, radar and rain sensor to make traditional technology, like windscreen wipers, smarter and driving safer for the user,” says Magnus Carlsson, responsible for safety and autonomous driving at Semcon.

Information from PAW could also be used in different ways, for example to assess the risk of aquaplaning. Semcon also sees a big potential for the solution when autonomous cars come to market.

“Driverless cars are dependant on cameras and other critical sensors behind the windscreen being kept free from dirt and water. The intelligence inside PAW could therefore be used to increase safety and reliability in self-driving cars,” says Magnus Carlsson.

PAW is a proprietary and patent pending innovation from Semcon, which uses information from the car’s existing equipment. PAW has been evaluated in real conditions and the software could easily be implemented in today’s cars.

Contact:  Per Nilsson, Communication and Marketing Director, Semcon
Tel: +46 (0) 739-737 200

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