Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine (Intergraph PP&M) has spent many years developing and offering integrated design, construction and operation solutions for the power and nuclear industry. Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Enterprise software offers the largest set of market-leading solutions in the industry, from the schematic design of an asset through to physical modelling, materials management, construction management, fabrication automation and information management.

At the centre of SmartPlant Enterprise software is Smart™ 3D. It provides a fully integrated design and manufacturing environment to support the design of facilities, either plants or storage tanks, among others. Smart 3D can handle the dense and complex structural and outfitting designs required in modern designs.

Seamless data integration project software

Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise solutions, including Smart 3D, are delivered with out-of-the-box integrated architectures that seamlessly integrate the flow of information between them. Data and design parameters are entered only once into the authoring disciplines. The out-of-the-box integration is a change management environment that facilitates publishing, retrieving, reviewing and comparing data and documents electronically between disciplines.

Real-time global work-sharing application for projects

All enterprise applications, including Smart 3D, deliver global work-sharing capabilities, allowing companies to electronically share work internally or externally in real time. In addition to the schedule benefit of leveraging other offices, Intergraph’s work-sharing capabilities improve quality by electronically enforcing all project or company standards across the globe and maintaining interface points within an application and between different discipline applications.


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