The new pumps offer a wide spectrum of application with head going up to 22 mWC and flow reaching 29 m3/h.

All Tapflo CTM pumps are available with BSP thread, flange or hose connections. The pumps can be  used for chemically corrosive and toxic liquids as well as for clean and thin liquids like pure chemicals, acids and alkalis because the wetted components are non-metallic injection molded thermoplastics enabling excellent corrosion resistance.

Tapflo T800 + DT800 integrating set – Engineering to Order

Tapflo is proud to present a custom designed unit, consisting of T800 PE pump with an integrated DT800 pulsation dampener. The application is a Truck unloading station in one of the biggest paper mills in the world.

Our biggest AODD pumping set is mounted on a dedicated stainless steel frame.

What we achieve by applying this solution is:
– solid and reliable assembly of the devices, with a vertical outlet position;
– possibility to integrate easily with existing on-site pipeline system;
– reduced footprint of the unit: less than 0,6 m2!

Tapflo Diaphragm pump was chosen thanks to its robust and compact design compared to other positive displacement pumps as hose pump or progressive cavity.
The T800 can handle the necessary amount from about 30 m³ below 1 hour, has good suction abilities   and can run dry as well as we have very good suction.

Our Customer, specialized in distributing chemicals for paper production, is using this unit to unload chemicals from a Truck. The difficulty is that depending of the ambient temperature the chemical can become very viscous. Up to 13.000 Cst.

As the Tanks are quite far away from unloading station we increased the discharge diameter of the pipeline to DN150 to decrease the pressure losses in the pipeline. The customer previously tested a standard T800 without a dampener, but the installation generated quite big pulsations and movements on the piping. After installing the T800 with dampener set, the pulsations went almost to 0 assuring smooth operation.

See how a similar set works

About Tapflo
Tapflo Group is an independent, Swedish, family owned, manufacturer and global supplier of Air operated diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and other industrial process equipment for efficient and safe fluid handling in modern chemical, food and pharmaceutical production.

The company was founded in Kungälv, Sweden in1980 and has since then been working with design and manufacture of thermoplastic, metal and sanitary series diaphragm pumps and also with complete range of centrifugal pumps and industrial equipment. After years of dynamic development the company evolved into Tapflo Group with own companies and independent distributors in more than 60 countries spread over the world on 6 continents.

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