The next step in drying technology has been developed by Ventilex. Proved with customers worldwide, in markets ranging from minerals, to chemicals, to foods, the latest generation of fluid bed dryers produces better quality products with exact control of temperature and moisture while minimizing utility usage. The Ventilex fluid bed dryer range was developed to meet the demand for processing high quality products at high production rates with low energy and related production costs and low environmental impact.

Principle of a fluid bed
The product is transported through the dryer by a gentle shaking motion. The low frequency/high amplitude shaking ensures a uniform, step-by-step movement through the dryer referred to as plug flow. The low g-forces created by the unique shaking mechanism ensure minimal to negligible product deterioration, very low noise output, and significantly reduced foundation requirements.

Ventilex has evolved and perfected the PLC software and controls of the drying process with unrivalled precision. In combination with the high efficiency of the Ventilex fluid bed dryer, the total drying solution guarantees the lowest energy consumption of any comparable drying technology.

In summary, Ventilex shaking fluid bed dryers have three main advantages:

Guaranteed Energy Savings
When drying large volumes of material, energy consumption is your greatest controllable expense. Ventilex fluid bed dryers maximize return on investment by reducing energy expenses.

It may be hard to believe, but the energy cost per year to operate a large dryer is typically as much as the initial investment in the dryer. Ventilex dryers are engineered and manufactured in The Netherlands.

We pioneered state-of-the-art designs to recapture the thermal energy that was once just exhausted to the atmosphere.

Combining our energy efficient design with PLC controls and the most advanced algorithms in the drying industry allows us to GUARANTEE you energy savings of 10 to 60 % over any other dryer manufacturer.

We are the only supplier that will provide a WRITTEN GUARANTEE of your energy consumption.

There is no fine print, we make it work.

With our dryers, the more you dry, the more you save on energy.

Maximum Yield
Fines created in the drying process represent a significant loss of revenue for many material producers. Ventilex fluid bed dryers offer “low impact” processing of your material, taking advantage of a lower frequency shaking action that reduces waste.

Our fluid bed dryers, engineered and manufactured by Dutch craftsman, use a gentle shaking motion that never generates more than 1g of force, compared to vibrating fluid bed mechanisms that generate as much as 8g. This gentler approach to drying your product creates substantially less fines.

Fewer fines = less waste = more revenue.

Combine our state-of-the-art sensors, PLC controls, the most sophisticated drying algorithms in the world with our unique approach to fluidization and you get the best return on investment of any dryer technology for high-value product drying.

Highest Uptime
When uptime matters, Ventilex fluid bed dryers and coolers deliver the highest availability in fluid bed dryer technology. Ventilex offers a very fundamental advantage in non-static fluid bed dryers: fewer and less expensive moving parts operating at a much lower frequency.

Think about it; a mechanism operating at lower frequency, with fewer moving parts.

When properly maintained, Ventilex systems regularly exceed 98% percent uptime.

When maintenance is required, the parts are less expensive compared to a vibrating fluid bed. Fewer repairs, shorter time to repair.

When uptime is critical, and downtime is lost revenue, Ventilex dryers deliver the best return on investment.

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