NovAliX is a CRO focusing on small molecule drug discovery through innovative outsourcing and insourcing research services. NovAliX is specialized in chemistry and structural biology. Its client portfolio includes five of the top 50 global pharma companies.

NovAliX has one of the world’s most comprehensive biophysics platforms, covering screening and identification as well as detailed characterization of drug-target interactions using protein X-ray crystallography, native mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and cryo-electron microscopy.

NovAliX’ innovative, cost-effective, collaborative and co-located research programs involve dedicated teams of scientists working throughout Europe in the partners’ laboratories. Close proximity fosters the seamless transfer of knowledge in both directions and speeds up the research process.

Thanks to this overarching platform and the broad range of services offered, NovAliX’s customers no longer need to use multiple organisations to carry out research on their behalf but can rely on only one CRO. This allows them to save both time and money.

The company, founded in 2002, is based in Illkirch, in the heart of the Bio-Valley Upper Rhine region, France. In 2016 its turnover reached €8 million.
Tel UK:      +44 1273 675100
Tel USA  : 617 202 4491

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