Special pump technology to touch

Special centrifugal pumps in operation will again be shown by the manufacturer Bungartz at this year’s ACHEMA. Visitors can convince themselves of the principle of intrinsically safe pumps and put them into operation themselves at the exhibition stand in Hall 8, Stand C 1. The unique aspect: visitors can convince themselves of the intrinsically safe pumps’ functionality and put them into operation at the stand. Three functional models are available to the visitors. For the first time, the fast, pressureless and complete unloading of a tanker truck by means of a self-regulating pumps is being shown. The model consists of a glass railway tank car in miniature scale. The V-AN vertical pumps independently adapt to variable feed rates – without any mechanical or electrical regulation equipment. Even experts are amazed time and time again when they see the cavitation-free pumping processes. They are safe to run dry and dependable, self-venting, and have a low NPSH value. The self-regulating effect and other functions are introduced:

  • Pumping without static head (even downstream of a vacuum and under boiling conditions)
  • Discontinuous volume flows
  • Self-venting and 3-phase effect, behavior with large amounts of gas
  • Dry-running safety of a gas-lubricated magnetic coupling
  • Physically working and wear-free hydrodynamic seal
  • Complete emptying of tanker trucks and railway tank cars, without spout drag or interruption of the pumping
  • Unfavorable inlet ratios and reaction of the special centrifugal pump

Another unique aspect is the 3-phase compatible and intrinsically safe chemical pump MPCV-AN (newly designed as all-ceramic version). It has proven successful when pumping extreme media which are at the same time hot, corrosive and abrasive. All pump models are shown in action at the ACHEMA trade fair stand in Hall 8, Stand C 1 with information provided on their functionality.

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