Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH, a global leader in PFA lined pump and valve solutions, is expanding introducing its ball- and diaphragm valves with stainless steel body.

It starts with the production plant and ends with the final product which eventually will enter the human body. Hence, cleanliness throughout the production process is extremely important.

Typical painted cast iron valves will release paint chips which can enter the piping system with periodic maintenance procedures. Potential paint residues in the medium can be avoided by using high grade stainless steel (1.4408) eliminating the need to paint or coat the body to prevent corrosion. Stainless steel valves allows for fast, easy and thorough cleaning.

Our new series MV-S/F, KN-S/F and KNA-S/F with stainless steel bodies are based on valves which are well established in the chemical industry and have been continuously optimized for more than 30 years. The KN-S/F and KNA-S/F valves feature Richter’s Labyrinth seal and ENVIPACK stem seal technology, which adds to the total concept of a robust design combined with great performance. The bodies are made of precision cast stainless steel and available up to a size of DN 80.

Some key features of the new valves:

– high resistance to corrosive environments

– robust and proven technology

– reduced contamination risk

– low maintenance costs

To conclude, PFA lined stainless steel valves fit perfectly in highly corrosive atmospheres and clean-room environments. Richter’s stainless steel valve series minimize the risk of contamination in the final product and contribute to a safe and reliable production process​.

Keshwar Anroedh – Director Marketing & Product Management

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