SPX FLOW has a new facility dedicated to the production of its portable Lightnin mixing products. This state-of the-art production plant has been designed to offer an excellent working environment, shorter lead times, ensure high quality and provide rapid customer response.

Through its Lightnin brand, SPX FLOW has unrivalled application expertise and innovative technology to solve all types of fluid mixing challenges. Located in Rochester, NY, its new 53,000 square foot facility is dedicated to the production of just one product category: portable mixers. This dedication means that Lightnin has been able to hone the plant to ensure highest product quality with exceptional turnaround times. The whole setup is about agility and being able to deliver and respond to even the most urgent of customer needs.

The new facility is completely designed as a smooth running, finely tuned machine for the production of portable mixing products. To meet customer needs, state-of-the-art machinery and careful workflow layout means that many orders can be shipped the same day.

By focusing on a single product range, the facility also offers reassurance to customers with sensitive manufacturing needs in industries such as biotech. No carbon steel is produced at the site, guaranteeing no contamination of stainless steel products in this clean working environment. The size of the facility and streamlined manufacture of its portable mixing range also gives SPX FLOW the potential to expand product lines and production.

SPX FLOW is a large, global company that is able to offer local support to its customers throughout the world. Its impressive portable product portfolio offers leading mixing capability with expert support from mixer design through to continuous product lifetime services. Customers can now combine the advantages of a large company network with the ability to provide fast shipments and focused, rapid response to their needs and issues when they arise.

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