Edwards continues to innovate in the dry vacuum pump market by widening its range

with the addition of the EDC.  The EDC is a single stage dry claw pump, aimed at a

much wider range of demanding industrial applications including:

*         Pick and place

*         Central Vacuum

*         Water drying

*         Steam sterilisation

*         Plastic extrusion

*         Thermoforming, Pressing

*         Vacuum conveying

*         Printing and paper converting

*         Medical systems

*        Dairy industry for milking and milk transfer

*         Water and sewage handling

Innovative design and materials of construction provides long life time and

reliability even in harsh industrial applications.

Available in sizes from 65 to 350 m3h, EDC has unrivalled  performance through best

in class ultimate vacuum level, market leading pumping speed and lower continuous

inlet pressure.

Energy efficient technology and inverter controlled capability enables significant

energy savings and allows performance adjustment to actual  vacuum demand.

A simple design suited for quick access to the pumping chamber for easy cleaning in

the event of product carry-over means higher serviceability.



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