70 years of Bungartz special centrifugal pumps

The name Bungartz stands for unconventional and cost-saving solutions to complex pumping tasks. The company management are now celebrating their 70th jubilee, together with the workforce, former staff and their families, at the production facility in Euskirchen in the Eifel region. In advance, all our customers were given the opportunity to take part in a somewhat unusual competition. The challenge was to find the oldest pump that was still in operation. With a UMOR-type pump installed in 1951, an employee in a Swiss company won the first prize, a Kindle ebook reader.

The special centrifugal pumps made by Bungartz are known for tasks in which conventional pumps fail, e.g. difficult media in explosive atmospheres, or substances with a tendency towards crystallization or polymerization. Since it was founded in 1947, the company has utilized the tried-and-tested hydrodynamic shaft seal technology. The self-regulating pumps of type V-AN for pumping out of vacuums, low-temperature distillation systems, or for the complete emptying of separators, containers and tanker trucks, are also all in worldwide use. All horizontal and vertical pumps are dependable and safe to dry run, operate cavitation-free, and require no additional control technology. The comprehensive care-free principle of the pumps, which perform their duties for decades without problems, consists of more than just the unconventional, robust and economical technology – as demonstrated in the jubilee competition by the UMOR-type pump dating from 1951 found at the Swiss company. Before the installation, partners in the sales offices are already working together with employees from the design and production departments, as well as plant engineers or project engineers from the operator to develop individual solutions. Customization to the exact respective circumstances really does pay off, particularly in new construction or refurbishment projects (savings sometimes in the millions).Employees, retired staff, and family members celebrated the company’s 70th jubilee with pride and satisfaction, together with the management at the production location in Euskirchen (Eifel). The pumps of Paul Bungartz GmbH & Co. KG are still manufactured here today, just as they were back then. Just as it was in the days of Paul Bungartz, who founded the company and gave it his name. In 2006 his grandson Frank Bungartz took over the management of the business from his father Jürgen. Very much forward-looking, Paul Bungartz’s son Jürgen had already set the company on its course for international business. www.bungartz.de

Caption:The production facility of Bungartz centrifugal pumps in the Eifel region.

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