The Vaisala MHT410 moisture, hydrogen and temperature transmitter provides reliable online monitoring of insulating oil in power transformers. With its unique probe design, the MHT410 delivers accurate measurement and trend data about the health of the transformer in real time.

  • Alerts of transformer fault situations
  • Enables timely, proactive maintenance decisions to minimize expensive service shutdowns and outages

Reliable measurement
Unlike conventional solutions, the MHT410 transmitter measures moisture, hydrogen and temperature directly in the transformer oil. A non-membrane technology, the MHT410 can handle both under pressure and overpressure conditions. Each probe is also individually leak-tested in an extreme pressure test environment.

Due to its robust design and reliable measurement technology, false alarms are a thing of the past.

Easy to install
Featuring three critical measurements in one compact probe, the MHT410 can easily be installed and mounted to an operational transformer in minutes – by one person.

  • One device, one installation
  • Adjustable probe installation depth fits in a variety of transformer valves and is in direct contact with representative oil
  • No field adjustments necessary

Robust design and long-term stability
The MHT410 doesn’t have pumps, hoses, batteries, valves, membranes or other sensitive wearing parts that could fail or lead to outages.

It withstands wide temperature changes, vibration and harsh outdoor conditions. The metal housing is IP66 rated and equipped with a weather shield. Special attention has also been given to EMC tolerance. For example, all electrical connections are isolated. The MHT410 can also tolerate short-term electrical breaks.

A Global Technology Developer
Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala is a high tech company that has developed measurement technologies since 1936. Last 40 years, the company has concentrated in demanding industrial processes. Our commitment produced the Vaisala moisture-in-oil sensor, which has become the worldwide standard. For the power industry, Vaisala has been providing reliable moisture measurement solutions for 20 years – longer than any other company in the industry.

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