The DStacker is a revolutionary pallet delivery system that can operate without electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic power.

We are proud to announce as of February 1st, 2016 we have branded our company with a new corporate identity. MSE-Forks will now be called Meijer Handling Solutions. This strong new name represents much more of what we do. In the near future you will see more of what this means.

Craftsmanship, common sense, efficiency and reliability have been Meijer’s core values for years. Taking pride in what we have achieved so far is also among it, but our ambitions go further. Meijer Handling Solutions is growing. With our key-brands of KOOI-Equipment®, like our KOOI-REACHFORKS®, Palletless Handling Equipment and “stand-alone machines” we want to add value to our customers and go for the best.

Together with our new brand name, we are proud to introduce the new DStacker-EU40 Pallet Dispenser from MEIJER HANDLING SOLUTIONS. Mechanical technology means low maintenance and no electrical requirements. Easy access with manual and electrical pallet trucks! The pallet truck forks simply enter under the bottom pallet to extract one pallet at a time from the magazine. When the forks enter completely, all pallets are lifted by the pallet truck itself. When the truck forks are lowered, just the bottom pallet comes down for easy removal. All other pallets stay in position. Once the pallet truck and pallet exit the system, a safety sensor, (12 Battery Power) activates, allowing all other pallets in the magazine to safely lower back to floor level.

Key advantages of the DStacker EU40 Pallet Dispenser:

No damage to pallets
Orderly work floor
Greater efficiency
Overview – easy sight of inventory
Improved Ergonomics – no physical handling
Fixed storage place for pallets
Safe stacking with easy access
Unique cost-saving characteristics:

Wireless (no external energy)
Storage of 40 pallets
6000 cycles without battery replacement (12 VDC)
Suitable for manual and electric pallet trucks
Pallet dispensing in ± 10 seconds
As standard, a 3-year guarantee
The EU40 can be reloaded without leaving the forklift truck
The DStacker EU40 has been showed at the How it’s Made show on Discovery Channel.

For more information please contact:

Contact Meijer Handling Solutions
Visit the Meijer Handling Solutions website

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