The prevention of contamination is a crucial aspect in the design of hygienic processing lines. Nevertheless When it comes to cleaning pipes, tanks, and confined spaces with hard-to-reach shaded areas, manufacturers are often uncertain. Alfa Laval’s new free-rotating retractor, a highly efficient extendable cleaning device, offers complete Cleaning safety and increases product safety while extending uptime and increasing productivity.

“The free-rotating retractor is the latest example of how Alfa Laval is working to provide 100% cleaning coverage in hygienic processing lines.” such as milk or milk powder plants,” says Babak Shojaei, Manager Product Management Tank Cleaning at Alfa Laval. “We are relentless in our efforts to innovate to meet our customers’ needs.”

the freely rotating retractor, it is easy to clean hygienic containers quickly and economically so that all interior surfaces are immaculately clean and ready for production. are. This dynamic and resource-efficient retractable CIP device remains flush with the container wall and sealed off from the product room during production. The spray head is extended and pushes the cleaning medium over in a 310° spray pattern the surface of the container. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the spray head is retracted and the container is ready for production.

Increased uptime and product safety
The free-rotating retractor quickly and effectively removes residue from the inner surfaces of hard-to-clean containers, reduces cross-contamination, minimizes downtime and increases productivity. It complies with FDA, EU and China regulations and ensures very good hygiene and cleaning validity in the process equipment of dairies, food and beverage, household and personal care industries as well as other industries. For high-purity pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing plants, the free-rotating retractor is the solution. A 3.1 documentation package for metal parts is available upon request.

Up to 35% savings on water, chemicals and time
Compared to conventional static spray ball technology, this dynamic and resource-efficient cleaning device saves up to 35% water with each CIP cycle, Chemicals and time. Thus, the CO2 footprint is improved through a more efficient use of resources.

Low total cost
of ownership Thanks to its slim design, the free-rotating retractor is easy and economical to install, operate and maintain. To complete automation During operation, two or more retractors can be connected to an existing CIP system via Alfa Laval ThinkTop sensor and control units. All in all, the total cost of ownership of the retractor falls due to the low cost and low associated with the maintenance and operation of the retractor.

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