With manufacturers and service providers from 50+ countries presenting their products for chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech research and manufacturing as well as energy and environmental services ACHEMA is the driving force and ground breaker for the international process industries and their suppliers. The next edition takes place from 10 to 14 June 2024.

ACHEMA team met with key industry contributors in Cork

The ACHEMA team travelled to Cork to meet with partners, contributors and exhibitors of the future for meaningful exchange on 23 May 2023. This was a very successful event. The Irish market is well-placed for future developments in, amongst others, the pharmaceutical, instrumentation and mechanical engineering sectors.

Apart from ACHEMA CEO’s introduction of ACHEMA and its history, plans and involvement with current and future industry developments and value as an international business hub, three speakers connected the chemical, biochem and pharma industry will relevant topics concerning the industry as a whole. www.achema.de

Matt Moran, director of BioPharmaChem Ireland introduced the strategy (2023-2027) for the sector and how Ireland could become a world leader in sustainable biopharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. https://www.ibec.ie/connect-and-learn/industries/life-sciences-and-healthcare/biopharmachem-ireland

Aisling Arthur, Industry Engagement Manager of SSPC/University of Limerick explained the options for indystry to engage with academia and how SSPC has a vital role to connect these two partners offering access to research, talent and networks. https://sspc.ie/

Tony and Colm O’Connell gave a lively presentation about how Containment Service Providers made best use oft the platform that ACHEMA has provided them for almost 20 years to access international markets and to grow the company. https://www.containment.ie



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