Bungartz was able to present its successful pumps twice at the largest fair for chemistry and process industries in India. Within the accompanying congress program Michael Wolf, Regional Director Asia-Pacific, presented the successful special centrifugal pumps to an interested audience. At the fair booth, a functional model of the self-regulating centrifugal pump of the V-AN range ensured a rush of visitors. The intrinsically safe MPCVAN could be observed at the delivery of gas-laden liquids or being under vacuum.

Under the heading „Self-regulating centrifugal pumps for a higher plant reliability“* Michael Wolf presented everything from pump failures and faults to the interruption of the production. Using the example of a self-regulating, dry-running pump of type V-AN, he explained the application of a safe pumping technology enabling a simultaneous reduction of the overall operating costs. „For almost 10 years, this pump was running at a large internationally operating chemical company“, Wolf said. „Without any additional intervention from the outside it delivered in a self-regulating manner and depending on a intake liquid level as do all pumps of the V-AN range working cavitation-free, since the NPSHR is less than 0.1m“. A particular advantage – especially for new buildings or reconstructions: For the operation of the pump, a minimum static height is sufficient. Thus, the construction of a pit is not required.

At the Chemtech, Wolf also answered to the newest developments at Bungartz, whose real time demonstration attracted visitors at the fair booth:

There, visitors were able to put the centrifugal pump MPCVAN in operation using a functional model, and to satisfy themselves of the benefits. The intrinsically safe MPCVAN of the V-AN range self-regulating pumps has been designed for the delivery of extreme media. The magnetically coupled vertical pump is hermetically sealed and secured against operating errors. „Even here, the sealing concept is based on the complete hydrodynamic relief of the bearing and sealing unit. Back vanes and a gas barrier prevent liquids and product vapors from penetrating into the bearing unit“, said the expert with more than 30 years of experience in the pump business.



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