Reliability and safety are found as the most desired characteristics of devices applied in industrial processes. To meet customers’ need, Tapflo offers tailor-made flow systems of the highest quality. Our mission is to provide technical solutions that guarantee proper functionality and stable operation in every environment.

Tapflo solutions are successfully applied in the following applications: 

Industrial sector: Chemical processing industry, Oil & Gas, Mechanical industry, Surface treatment, Pulp & paper industry, Paint, print & varnish industry, Waste water treatment 

Hygienic & sanitary sector: Food, beverages & drinks, Dairy, milk & ice cream, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetics industry, Processed food 

Tapflo offers integrated solutions as an possibility to apply standard devices in non-standard applications. Combining different flow components into one complex unit is an opportunity to suit individual customers’ needs, that are related to: required equipment & functionality, available space, position of connecting flanges, mobility.

Please check out few examples of Tapflo customized products: 


TR20 PTT installed on the container is used for a passivation process of pipes and coils. The end user develops systems for the beverage industry (devices for cooling and dispensing of beer, juices, water). The liquids contain solutions of phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, and nitric acid and are pumped under pressure of up to 4 bar to properly wash the coils. The units are to be used in their production line to passivate stainless steel tubes or pipes from their products. 


CTH CE-15 centrifugal pump mounted on a hygienic trolley for a client specialized in the household chemicals industry. The unit doses liquid soap to 6 sections of the packing machine where it is distributed to cartridges. Previously the client used to depend on dosing pistons, but this solution was problematic during changes of the dose volume. Our solution let the client change the amount of soap from (300 to 900 grams [0,66 to 1,98 lbs]) without any effort! 


This wastewater treatment plant is responsible for removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from household sewage. In this facility, all liquid transport processes are covered by Tapflo pumps.

Set of Tapflo T100 PTT pumps equipped with pulsation dampeners DT100 PT and air treatment systems is used for dosing and transfer chemicals responsible for processes like:

  • Raising pH in the wastewater neutralization process
  • Decreasing pH in the wastewater neutralization process
  • Coagulation
  • Adsorption

Additionally, Tapflo T420 SEE is used as sludge transfer pump. TF100 PEE pump feeds filter press with the slurries.



Tapflo Group is an independent, Swedish, family owned, manufacturer and global supplier of Air operated diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and other industrial process equipment.
The company was founded in Kungälv, Sweden in1980 and has since then been working with design and manufacture of thermoplastic, metal and sanitary series diaphragm pumps and also with complete range of centrifugal pumps and industrial equipment. After years of dynamic development the company evolved into Tapflo Group with worldwide operations.
Tapflo products and services are available in 75 countries on 6 continents. Tapflo is represented worldwide by own Tapflo Group Companies and carefully selected distributors assuring highest Tapflo service quality for our customers’ convenience.







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