We are proud to release, as of today, a new addition to the Husky AODD pump product line: the Husky 1050HP.

The Husky 1050HP is a 2:1 ratio air-operated triple diaphragm pump (AOTD) for pumping fluid at a maximum pressure of 17,2 bar. The use of a third diaphragm allows the pump to be used at full flow, resulting in a maximum capacity of 166l/min.

The Husky 1050HP is a market innovation that allows users to easily choose between low pressure (1:1) and high pressure (2:1) operating modes with Graco’s low-high pressure mode valve.

High pressure operation isn’t always required, so switching to low pressure mode reduces air consumption up to 50%.

These features, combined with the quality and reliability of our standard Husky diaphragm pump design, make this one of the most unique high pressure diaphragm pumps on the market.

The Husky 1050HP is available with an aluminium center section and stainless steel fluid covers. The fluid manifolds are either aluminium or stainless steel.

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