Compact chain conveyor for 0 to 20 m3 per hour

The expense involved in explosion-proofing bucket elevators can sometimes exceed the purchase price of the conveying system itself by up to a factor of three. So Poeth Solids Processing, based in Tegelen in the Netherlands, developed the cost-saving Z-Conveyor to eliminate the need for extra investment in ATEX explosion-proofing. The new, explosion-proof Mini Z-Conveyor for gently transporting 0 to 20 m³ of powders, grains or granules per hour is Poeth’s latest development of this concept. The Mini Z-Conveyor features compact design and is especially suitable for indoor use.

Explosion-proof conveying prevents high costs for safety equipment

Dry, organic materials can generate dust that is explosive by nature. This risk is particularly acute when these products are transported at speeds of more than 1 m/s. Bucket elevators are an excellent solution when products have to be transported vertically. However, these systems only operate effectively at speeds above 2 m/s. As a result, bucket elevators must be protected in accordance with increasingly stringent and costly ATEX safety standards. The costs for compartmentalisation, explosion suppression, explosion venting, skew prevention, automation and maintenance to achieve full ATEX-compliant protection in relation to bucket conveyors currently exceed the price of the conveying system itself by anything up to a factor of three. The new Mini Z-Conveyor avoids high costs for additional ATEX explosion-proofing.

Energy-efficient conveying without friction and static electricityPoeth’s new Mini Z-Conveyor features compact design and is therefore easy to install in existing lines. It is designed to transport between 0 and 20 m3 per hour and is suitable for horizontal, vertical and diagonal conveying. There is no risk of explosion, mainly due to the fact that the Z-Conveyor operates perfectly at speeds well below 1 m/s. As a result, no costly investment is required in order to meet increasingly stringent ATEX safety standards. The Mini Z-Conveyor is a solid, reliable unit with a minimum of wiring and electronics. This makes the Mini Z-Conveyor a cost-efficient alternative to bucket conveying. It transports powders, grains and granules with very little friction and almost no static charge. As a result, Poeth’s new conveying system is ideal for delicate raw materials that are prone to breakage. The Mini Z-Conveyor has no trouble transporting difficult-to-convey raw materials such as scky and liquid powders, grains and granules.


More information

Poeth has built its own Mini Z-Conveyor test system for trials with its customers’ products. This approach allows Poeth to guarantee proper performance of the final system in all situations before the purchase decision is taken. Poeth has its own service team and keeps all parts for the Mini Z-Conveyor in stock. The new Mini Z-Conveyor is suitable for the feed, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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