The advantages of Hägglunds hydraulic drive systems will soon be reflected in a striking redesign, making the Hägglunds brand more visible within Rexroth. While the shift connects the present with a distinguished past, its focus is on the future – and above all on creating greater clarity for customers


A brand designed to lead the way

The refreshed and revitalized Hägglunds brand will appear at MINEXCHANGE 2022, the SME Annual Conference & Expo 2022. At the event in Salt Lake City, Utah, on February 27th, visitors will get their first look at the new face of Hägglunds.

“Our drives are in constant development, and the new look is also an advance,” says Wolfram Ulrich, Vice President of Sales for Hägglunds products and solutions. “Customers will find familiar elements in the new design, such as the distinct red color of Hägglunds motors. But the Hägglunds logotype, for example, has become more streamlined and dynamic.”

Added to the logotype is a new element derived from the Hägglunds motor cam ring, the lines of which echo throughout the visuals. Ulrich explains, “Inside and out, a Hägglunds solution works to keep customers moving forward. That sense of motion and innovation will be integral to our communications.”

Why a singular identity is a common approach

The update is a matter of clarity as well as appearance. Hägglunds drive solutions are – and will remain – a part of the Rexroth offering. Yet the Hägglunds brand has unique longevity, much like the products themselves. The name Hägglunds has always been present on the hydraulic motors and has always had its place in customers’ hearts and minds.

“Hägglunds solutions have undeniable strengths and a committed team behind them, which is why the brand continues to resonate with customers,” says Tobias Brummer, Head of Brand Management and Brand Communications at Bosch Rexroth. “Positioning the Hägglunds brand more clearly is a win-win, as it affirms those aspects while opening the door to all that Rexroth offers.”

“Hägglunds benefits from being a part of Rexroth,” agrees Ulrich. “The new design makes the brand stronger in its own right, but there’s power in Rexroth’s endorsement and surrounding expertise. Becoming more visible while staying connected to Rexroth is the best of both worlds, for Hägglunds and for customers.”

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About Hägglunds:
Hägglunds stands for groundbreaking direct hydraulic drive technology and unswerving customer focus. Engineered and manufactured in Mellansel, Sweden, Hägglunds hydraulic motors and compact direct drive systems provide superior torque performance, flexibility and reliability to customers worldwide.
Hägglunds is a brand of Bosch Rexroth, a leading global supplier of drive and control technologies. To learn more about Hägglunds solutions, visit

About Bosch Rexroth:
As one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive and control technologies, Bosch Rexroth ensures efficient, powerful and safe movement in machines and systems of any size. The company bundles global application experience in the market segments of Mobile Applications, Machinery Applications and Engineering, and Factory Automation. With its intelligent components, customized system solutions and services, Bosch Rexroth is creating the necessary environment for fully connected applications. Bosch Rexroth offers its customers hydraulics, electric drive and control technology, gear technology and linear motion and assembly technology, including software and interfaces to the Internet of Things. With locations in over 80 countries, more than 29,600 associates generated sales revenue of around 5.2 billion euros ($6.3 billion) in 2020.
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