Lödige promises a special “eye-catcher” at Interpack, where the very smallest of machines at the exhibition stand in Hall 6/B78 is expected to awaken the greatest interest as a complete innovation. With the LC Lab the Paderborn-based machine builder opens up an opportunity to produce highly-efficient tablet coatings on a laboratory scale. In addition, Lödige will be presenting a granulator specially developed for the production of capsule coffee powder. The basis for this is the MGT mixing granulator, a vertical system for mixing and producing pharmaceutical powders and granulates. This mixer type fulfils the special requirements posed for the manufacture of capsule coffee with application-specifically developed mixing tools and a reinforced drive.  A low-maintenance mixing mechanism, short mixing times with top mixing quality and high reproducibility of batches – precisely these requirements are satisfied by a mixing technique introduced by Lödige many decades ago and featuring a mechanically generated fluid bed. The potential of the proven method in today’s production environment will be demonstrated at Interpack by a FKM 1200 Ploughshare mixer. The Ploughshare® paddles arranged on a shaft rotate as mixing elements in the horizontal, cylindrical drum. This sets the powdery, granular or fibrous bulk material into three-dimensional movement and the paddles mix quickly and precisely through constant contact with the entire product. And last but not least, Lödige will be focusing on continuous production processes in the pharmaceutical industry. As a supplier of both batch and continuous systems, Lödige actively supports the trend towards exploiting the characteristic strengths of continuous processes for the manufacture of medicinal products.

Lödige at Interpack (4-10 May 2017 – Duesseldorf Exhibition Centre):  Hall 6 / B78

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