EuroBLECH 2016 saw KMT Waterjet Systems launch an alternative pump technology as an addition to its portfolio. In the TRILINE TL-I 30 model, the company is offering for the first time a direct-drive pump for waterjet cutting. Calculable cost-of-ownership is a standout feature of the new pump, and it can be deployed as a standalone unit for everyday cutting applications.

The TRILINE TL-I 30 direct-drive pump has a power rating of 22 kW (30 HP) and so attains a delivery volume of 3.1 liters of cutting water per minute. At a working pressure of 3,800 bar, this is sufficient to operate a water jet with a diameter up to 0.3 mm – this is where the greater efficiency compared to a pressure intensifier pump comes into its own because a higher delivery volume can be attained for the same motor power.

The direct-drive pump technology

An electric motor provides power directly to three crankshaft-driven pistons via an easy to maintain belt pulley system. The pistons operate with a phase displacement, meaning they deliver a virtually constant high-pressure flow of water. A direct-drive pump has a relatively high efficiency (up to 85%) by virtue of this direct power transmission. This method of power transmission is also uncomplicated and comprises fewer parts than a hydraulic circuit. So operators of direct-drive pumps benefit from easier fault rectification when problems occur in the drive system.

Features of the TRILINE TL-I 30

The heart of the TL-I 30 direct-drive pump is therefore the crankcase – designed for highest performance and straightforward maintenance. The concept is based upon a stainless steel base plate with integrated cooling ducts, meaning the guide rods are not exposed to environmental factors. Ribbing incorporated in the case, which provides vibration and noise dampening, ensures operation is low-noise and quiet. The level of user-friendliness is increased by a window through which the operator can check the oil level directly without a dip stick, and check for dirt in the oil.

The patented pressure control valve renders possible speedy adaptation of the working pressure required – which is routed from the pump to the cutting heads. The valve regulates the working pressure using compressed air. It also reduces the maintenance overhead and enables cutting at any pressures. Speedy response times are a standout feature, and it is highly reliable and easy to maintain.

Applications for the alternative drive concept

The direct-drive technology is excellently suited to simple applications in which the machine is deployed as a standalone pump. The recommendation here is to continually use the direct-drive, high-pressure pump as a water pressure generator. The level of efficiency is extremely high when the cutting time is at least 80% of the time the motor is running. Its small footprint and high efficiency when used continually mean it is ideal for small workshops and contract cutting firms performing conventional and simple cutting work. It also represents an excellent alternative to a pressure intensifier pump when the space requirement, initial investment or electrical power input on site represents a challenge.

The company

KMT Waterjet Systems is a global leader in the manufacture of components for waterjet cutting systems, and develops all-inclusive solutions for numerous industrial sectors and diverse applications. Since 1971, the company has been fostering relationships lasting for many years. KMT Waterjet is assuming a market-leading role in waterjet cutting as an industry sector in light of its continual capacity to innovate. Our core products and services include high-pressure pumps, cutting heads, abrasive supply systems, high-pressure lines, original spare parts and global service.

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