Showers & Eyebaths Services Ltd. is a global leader in the bespoke design and engineering of Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebath / Face wash equipment, providing solutions to employee safety whilst ensuring compliance with regulations is maintained.

Its safety tank showers guarantee 15 minutes of tepid water (as stipulated by ANSI Z358.1-2009) that can be controlled at a nominal 17-18°C with its own robust heating element, keeping the water temperature to below the threshold of Legionella thereby eliminating its proliferation. Its arctic units are ATEX and GOST approved and are certified for temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees centigrade to plus 40 degrees centigrade. It also manufactures one of the only fully portable safety showers of its kind.

The company supplies to industry worldwide including mega tankers and ships, onshore and offshore oil rigs, pharmaceutical and petrochemical, oil and gas fields, utility companies, laboratories, schools and universities.

The company’s distributors can be found in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, Asia and USA.

Janet Dickinson
General Manager
+44 (0) 1744 889677

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