Looking for a pump that can self-prime, stall under pressure, pump particles and run dry?

Look no further than Graco’s new SaniForce 1040e. Here are the key reasons why.

The Graco SaniForce 1040e pump is the first electric double diaphragm transfer pump with all the advantages of an air-operated pump. The electric drive ensures energy efficiency, quiet operation, batching and dosing capabilities. While it consists of the same fluid parts as a conventional air-operated diaphragm pump, this pump can self-prime, stall under pressure, pump particles and run dry.

How it works
The SaniForce 1040e has an innovative center section that is filled with air. With every rotation, the electric drive pulls the diaphragms, which are not mechanically connected with each other. The air in the center section pushes the opposite diaphragm out, allowing the pump to operate. This unique design not only reduces pulsation but also allows the pump to stall under pressure.

The center section can be aluminium or stainless steel, while the fluid section can be aluminium, polypropylene or stainless steel. Maximum fluid working pressure is 4.8 bar (0.48 MPa / 70 psi). Air pressure operating range is 1.4 to 5.5 bar (0.14 to 0.55 MPa / 20 to 80 psi). Cart mounted systems are available.

The SaniForce 1040e is available in brushless DC, AC and AC ATEX options. The brushless 2HP DC motor offers increased control, maintenance and alarm notification, batch operation, and meets API 675 and ANSI 7.1-7.5. The electric 2HP AC motor offers increased efficiency, ATEX options, and runs on 110V, 220V or 480V.

“Its innovative features, combined with the quality and reliability of Graco’s high-class manufacturing standards, make the SaniForce 1040e an excellent choice for transferring a wide range of food and cosmetics products,” explains Walter Leeten, Product Marketing Specialist Process at Graco. “In addition, it runs quietly, which makes it ideal for operations in close proximity to people, and its CE 1935/2004 approval is a key requirement in many food and cosmetics applications.”

Stall without damage
The SaniForce 1040e can stall under pressure without installing any pressure sensors, and without damaging the pump or the production line. This means you don’t need to worry about blocked or clogged lines, or closed valves. Stalling increases diaphragm lifetime, and reduces the threat of contamination as there’s no hydraulic backing.

Just watch it batch!
The SaniForce 1040e comes in two motor versions: AC and DC. With the Graco controls on the DC version the pump can deliver product and then stop pumping with 1% precision. In other words, if you need to accurately batch, it’s perfect.

Suitable for the most sensitive materials
You will undoubtedly know the unwanted effect of a centrifugal pump on sensitive materials.

Feed your material into the pump – and you’re not always sure what’s going to come out, because the high rotational speed of a centrifugal pump can change the structure of the material. The low shear, low pulsation SaniForce 1040e is ideal for food and cosmetics applications in which product ingredients need to be transferred without any change to the consistency and structure of the ingredients.

No worries about running dry
If you are operating progressive cavity pumps, you know that you have to keep a careful eye on them in case they run dry. If they do, you’re in trouble. In fact, if a progressive cavity pump runs dry, you might soon be running out to buy a replacement. No such problems with the SaniForce 1040e. Install it and forget it. The pump is self-priming too.

Need to pump ingredients with particles?
Here too, this pump has an advantage over comparable progressive cavity pumps. It will pump ingredients with particles up to 3.2 mm in diameter. That’s more than adequate if your dosing station needs to receive peas, fragments of tomato, herbs etc.

Energy efficiency
Its energy efficient electric drive reduces energy consumption by up to five times compared to traditional air operated diaphragm pumps. In applications where saving energy is the key driving force, the SaniForce 1040e is an interesting replacement for AODDs running in continuous duty applications. It’s eye-opening to compare the SaniForce 1040e 1” EODD with a conventional 1” AODD. Let’s say that both are operating for 24 hours at a flow rate of 95 liters per minute and a fluid pressure of 3.5 bar. The air required for the 1040e is a paltry 0.6 liters PER DAY. Compare this to the air required for a conventional 1” AODD, which needs 700 liters PER MINUTE. This corresponds to an annual operating cost for the SaniForce 1040e of 460 EUR, compared to 2300 EUR for the conventional 1050 AODD: a 5x cost saving.

You can find more information at www.e-saniforce.com where you can download the product leaflet, or by contacting Walter Leeten at walter.leeten@graco.com


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