Schubert & Salzer has developed its own lift drive for the sliding gate valves, seat valves and 3-way valves. With its actuating power of 800 N, this extremely compact 2032 electric motor actuator is optimised for excellent actuation precision. With a standard dead band setting of only ± 0.6% of the entire stroke, this motor actuator achieves an exceptional repeat accuracy of up to ± 0.3%.

It is offered in two versions: an open/closed version and as a regulating drive version. Furthermore, it also offers safety functions that can be individually defined. For this purpose, the monitoring of the lifting force, the target value, the temperature of the electronics, etc. are integrated in the drive. For diagnostic purposes, the motor and overall operating period as well as the temperature and lifting ranges are all recorded. These diagnostic functions can be retrieved directly via the Device Config software. At the same time, this software tool gives users of regulating drives the opportunity to adapt parameters such as the actuating time, characteristic curve, signal range and limit switch positions to the process conditions.

With its outstandingly stable aluminium housing and the metal coupling, this lift drive is also designed for tough operating conditions. Mains connections for 24 V AC/DC and 90-260 V AC are also optionally available.

Safety is the top priority
The 2032 motor actuator has an Ingress Protection rating of IP65 as standard. As a result, it offers complete protection against contact and is not sensitive to dust and water showers.

The electric drive can also be optionally secured against power failures. In order to reset this zero voltage, the condensers store sufficient energy to ensure that the fitting moves into a defined fail-safe position if the supply voltage fails. In contrast to mechanical adjusting spring functions, fittings equipped with this new drive can also be set to a freely-selectable fail-safe position. If the supply voltage fails, e.g. in the water or gas industry, these valves move into the pre-defined position, meaning that processes are not necessarily interrupted. Of course manual operation is also available.

Bluetooth module for simplified configuration and communication
In order to ensure simple connection to its control valves, Schubert & Salzer Control Systems has developed a Bluetooth module which is available as an option in the 2032 lift drive. When using the Bluetooth module, the Device Config V7 configuration software establishes a wireless connection with a range of approx. 25 m of this motor valve drive.

This represents an ideal solution for the configuration and monitoring of control valves in plants which are difficult to access, on hot pipelines and other hazardous areas or restricted locations.

Drive combined with sliding gate valves
With sliding gate valves, the new 2032 motor actuator forms a perfectly harmonised system and opens up a wide range of applications. Diverse material options right through to special materials allow this valve combination to be used in the chemical, petrochemical, textile and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the food and drink engineering sector. It can also be used in steelworks, the ship building industry as well as many more segments. Sliding gate valves have proven to be particularly suitable in vapour applications, for coolants, condensates, acids, alkalines and thermal oil as well as for various gases (including oxygen), cleaning fluids, demineralised water, etc.

Drive for seat valves and 3-way valves
The new lift drive is also suitable for seat valves and is an extremely resilient all-rounder in the field of valve engineering. The compact nature of the new drive is further emphasised by the combination with compact angled seat valves and the required installation space is kept to an absolute minimum.

In combination with the 3-way control valves from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems, the control functions for the mixing and division of neutral or even aggressive media become economical and easy to solve.

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