Vaisala’s decades of success as the market’s most popular humidity transmitter manufacturer continues with the newly launched Indigo 520 Transmitter that combines the latest technology with outstanding new features. Capable of accommodating up to two probes simultaneously, the transmitter brings enhanced convenience, compatibility and continuous accuracy to even the harshest of industrial measurement environments.

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, introduced today the new industrial level Vaisala Indigo 520 Transmitter, which has been designed to bring extensive benefits and ease of use to demanding industrial applications.

“I am very excited to welcome the new Indigo 520 Transmitter to the modular Indigo product family. The Indigo compatible products are the premium choice for providing high-quality data from a multitude of industrial processes. The new transmitter has what it takes to perform even in the harshest and most extreme industrial environments,” says Product Manager Jarkko Ruonala from Vaisala.

“Industrial systems depend heavily on reliable sensors. The data must not only be accurate and reliable, it also needs to be easily accessible and clearly visualized. This way, users can base their decisions on the best possible data, which is where the new Indigo 520 excels. As we know; decisions can only be as good as the data,” Ruonala says.

The Indigo 520 is a durable, metal transmitter, compatible with Vaisala’s comprehensive range of Indigo compatible smart probes for humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and moisture in oil measurements. It can accommodate up to two detachable measurement probes simultaneously, measuring the same, or different, parameters at the same time. The probes can be swapped quickly and easily whenever needed. The transmitter has an IP66- and NEMA 4 -rated robust metal enclosure, and a touchscreen display made of hardened glass.

“Ensuring smooth and continuous process measurements, even during calibration and maintenance activities, is key to greater reliability and efficiency. The dual-probe connectivity puts the Indigo 520 Transmitter into the front line of your favorite tools; not only does it make installation and setup easy, but it also enables continuous measurements and extensive connectivity options,” comments Ruonala.

The Indigo 520 Transmitter displays live measurements and transmits them to automation systems through analog signals and relays, or digitally using Modbus TCP/IP protocol over the Ethernet. The transmitter’s Ethernet connection also provides a web interface and cybersecurity that meets modern standards.
The Vaisala Indigo 520 Transmitter will be available in June 2020.

Vaisala’s Indigo family – a smart solution to a range of industrial measurement needs

The Indigo product family provides an ideal solution for multi-parameter measurements with flexible connectivity. A modular design allows users to choose and mix the elements that are a needed to operate in the most demanding industrial environments.

The product family consists of interchangeable smart probes, robust transmitters, and Vaisala Insight PC Software. Together they create a strong chain of data to improve industrial processes in terms of ensuring energy-efficiency, safety, and end-product quality.

The probes employ Vaisala’s renowned sensor technologies, such as HUMICAP®, CARBOCAP®, DRYCAP® and PEROXCAP®, which Vaisala continuously develops to guarantee leading edge performance.
Backed up by the world-leading measurement sensor technologies, the Indigo family covers a comprehensive range of measurement parameters​, such as humidity and temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide (CO2) and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Indigo transmitters enable data visualization, easy access to probe configuration, and more options for connectivity, supply voltage, and wiring. Vaisala’s Insight PC Software facilitates on-site configuration, diagnostics, and self-calibration.

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