Dynamic Heat Exchange Solutions

Bronswerk® Heat Transfer (BHT) offers specialised knowledge of advanced processes and techniques for heat exchange systems. Since 1940, we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying industrial (shell & tube)heat exchangers, cooling equipment, (A-frame) condensers and air cooled coolers (ACC). We are renowned for our refinement and high-tech concepts. We are focused on high-quality and innovative process-solutions for heat exchange questions. We are future oriented. Bronswerk® Heat Transfer: state-of-the-art solutions. Worldwide.
Industries and work fields we supply to: 
  • Power-generation;
  • Gas
  • Oil;
  • Chemical;
  • Air handling;
  • Sustainability.
Main products and services we provide
BHT builds tailor-made equipment according to Bronswerk in-house standards and any international specification. We can work with almost any kind of material and take care of all customer’s requirements, for instance:
  • Size;
  • Plot space;
  • Power consumption;
  • Noise;
  • Architecture;
  • Environment;
  • Landscaping.
Bronswerk Sales Department
+ 31332472500 e-mail address

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