Measuring devices – Swiss precision at the highest level

Rotronic develops and manufactures high precision devices for measuring humidity, temperature, CO2 indoor air quality and pressure. These products are suitable for monitoring and controlling applications across a wide range of industries. Rotronic capacitive humidity sensors are the perfect choice wherever exact measurement of humidity and temperature are of vital importance: in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in the print and paper sector, museums & galleries, in meteorology and agriculture, in drying processes, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and many others. Probe types suitable for all applications can be selected, they are rapidly interchangeable when required due to the digital interface, no adjustment is necessary.

Handheld Meters, Data Loggers including secure wireless systems, Measurement Transmitters with analogue and digital outputs, Meteorological sensors and OEM products are all available. HW4 validated software supports all the latest products in the wide range. Rotronic customers have access to a global sales network providing full support locally. With an officially accredited SCS Calibration Laboratory, our standards of quality are at a consistently high level.

Ursula Mian

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