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T-model is as rare as an entry level waterjet cutting system based on very high quality standard. Water Jet Sweden has for decades been building quality waterjet cutting machines for the most demanding customers. A craftsmanship rooted in Swedish industrial tradition with machine installed all around the world. The new T-model is based on that tradition.
Meeting a tough requirement specification
The T-model is Water Jet Sweden’s first machine model with a flying bridge construction widening the already broad product range. It has been designed to meet a list of very specific requirements: It had to fit into a container to get low transportation cost. It had to be quick and easy to install and must be easy to operate. The result is a complete machine system available at a market price from around € 100 000. This is a completely new price segment for Water jet Sweden as a manufacturer.
A multi-purpose waterjet cutting tool 
The T-model is a multi-purpose waterjet machine designed for in-house production, part manufacturing, design workshops, engineering workshops and prototype workshops, cutting any kind of material of various size and shape. You get all the basic functions you need. Metal cutting, composite cutting, glass cutting, stone cutting, tile cutting, rubber cutting, plastic cutting, wood cutting, you name it. With the T- model you are able to cut virtually any material with the same cutting tool, up to 200 mm thi

Five Year Performance warranty and awarded reliability 
T-model is operated with a real CNC control system from Fanuc, who for the last decades has been awarded best reliability and availability in the world. The machine system is powered with original intensifier pumps from BFT and KMT, which are leading European and American high pressure pump manufacturers. The waterjet cutting machine itself include the unique extended five-year performance warranty, built by the same experienced Swedish engineers as the rest of Water Jet Sweden product range. Water Jet Sweden guarantees that it will keep the same tolerance requirements after five years, or 10 000 hours, as when the machine was first delivered.
The T-model meets a new market but deliver the reliability and comfort of a high end cutting system.E-mail: sales@waterjet.se

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