• Four methods in one injection cycle
  • Smart and responsible enhancement of 3D component parts

IMD Varioform®, a new decorating process from KURZ, shows off its full potential at K 2019. In two partner projects, visitors see with their own eyes how custom decorated 3D geometries with capacitive sensors are made, and how to precisely decorate single images, all underscoring KURZ’s spot-on awareness of trends and efficient solutions. But it’s not just the latest decorating solutions that drive this surface enhancement specialist. KURZ acts responsibly and supports its customers in their quest for sustainability. Responsible action has become a compelling reason for buying. At K 2019, KURZ will demonstrate its complete recycling loop, as well as the customized, high quality decoration of recycled material.

IMD Varioform® with sensor integration

As part of a partner project with Wittmann Battenfeld, Hall 15, Stand C06, a technological component with an in-center recess is produced in a procedure that is both complex and efficient. In a single process step, an IMD Varioform® foil is deformed, back-injected, stamped, decorated, and equipped with touch sensors. The machine applies the decoration in a roll-to-roll process, and the touch sensor is attached on the backside using Functional IML (In-Mold Labeling). Another highlight of this process is that the sensors of KURZ subsidiary PolyIC mold to 3D component parts as flexibly as a second skin, thanks to their metal mesh, a silver microstructure arranged on a transparent polyester substrate PET. This special design makes the sensors so robust that they reliably retain their functionality, even in multidimensional geometries.

LIfecycle Thinking – Enhancing Recycled Material

As a global player, KURZ is very serious about its environmental responsibility. That’s why this finishing specialist teams up with manufacturers, processors, designers, technicians, and engineers to continuously develop its processes. Interested visitors at our partner Engel Austria, Hall 15, stand B42 – C58, will see how IMD Varioform® processes furnish partially recycled materials with a new, premium appearance. The entire recycling loop is depicted. The live demonstration uses crushed plastic from various used parts and mixes in new material to form new component parts. The same production step includes IMD Varioform® decoration in the efficient roll-to-roll process. The new material used here is ecologically promising, in particular for the automobile industry. It is foamed with Mucell technology, making the resulting component parts, and thereby automobiles, lighter in weight. With this demonstration, KURZ makes three points. Recycled material can be enhanced and customized at the same quality as new material. Component parts with complex shapes are easily and efficiently manufactured with lightweight construction and recycling technology. KURZ’s surface finishing does not affect the recyclability of decorated component parts.

IMD Varioform® for large single images

Visitors will see another technological highlight of the fair at the partner stand of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag in Hall 5, Stand D22. For the first time, single images of up to 1,000mm in length are transferred onto a plastic panel with IMD (In-Mold Decoration) technology. During the injection procedure, transparent PolyTC sensors are applied to the back of the panel using Functional IML (In-Mold Labeling). With this unusual size, KURZ shows the impressive range of decorations made possible with IMD decoration. Manufacturers can, for instance, place special accents using attractive backlighting, and employ light design as a custom brand element. The sensor for another control panel is applied in a separate procedure at the KURZ stand via Functional Foil Bonding (FFB). Large, self-contained, homogeneous, and organically curved surfaces in automobile interiors are now readily available with touch functions, to the benefit of their manufacturers. Even after serial production, further customization such as colour variation and programming for special editions is realized with ease. So limited editions can be produced, economically and with maximum freedom of design, within mass production.

With this upgrade of IMD Varioform® technology, KURZ shows the wealth of decorations and dimensions now made possible. And KURZ stands by its customers along the entire value chain – from the initial idea to realization.


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